Are you a good writer?




I stumbled upon this blog post and found myself nodding vigerously at the screen as I finished yet anoter cup of tea.

I have seen many authors on Wattpad asking for critiques but what they actually want is to increase their read count, they aren’t in the least bit interested in improving their skills. Some have even gone so far as to get aggressive with the person offering advice (after they asked for it, no less).

I understand that it’s hard to have your hard work put down and I know what it’s like, I’ve had my work critiqued many times.  Yes, sometimes it stings, but how can you hope to improve if you don’t know what you need to work on? Of course, subjectivity plays a part but if you have three people independently agreeing on an area they think you need to work on, chances are, they’re right.

So, do you fall under the category of being a ‘good writer’?


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