Frustrations Gallore

This week has been a challenge. The kids are still on holiday (and have reached the point where instead of playing nicely they’re trying to come up with new ways to antagonise one another) and work has been overly demanding. I’ve hardly had time to think, let alone sit at my Mac and write.


So knowing that I wouldn’t have time to write, I chose to edit, as this is something I can dip in and out of. It doesn’t matter if I get pulled away and end up rereading the same sentence five times, in actual fact, it helps.

The particular project I’m editing has gone through so many revisions it hardly resembles the first draft anymore (which is a good thing) but it got me wondering … Will I ever reach the point when I don’t feel the need to pick it apart and chance things? How will I know when I’ve passed the point on no return?

How will I know when my editing is detracting rather than adding to my manuscript?


Hello new frustration!


I’m hoping that it’s just one of those things, that I’ll sit back and feel an ultimate sense of relief and closure … But I’m not holding my breath.

As for now, I’m going to spend the day juggling the joys of housework, entertaining the kids and trying to squeeze in a tad more editing. Still, at least it keeps me busy 😉



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