Pitch Wars

I’m sure many of you (writers) will have heard of, or indeed, taken part in Pitch Wars over the years.

(Just in case you haven’t, here’s a link to Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars info)

In short it’s a Twitter contest that showcases the work of seventy five authors who have worked alongside a mentor to polish up their manuscripts. I should probably add here that each mentor is successful in the world of publishing.
Those shiny manuscripts and queries are then displayed for agents and publishers to come along and snatch up.


It’s a fantastic opportunity for at least 150 authors to get free advice and help with their manuscripts. But even better than that, it brings the writing community together in a way that offers encouragement and support.

Of course, there is the rejection that comes with not getting picked, but, you’re immersed in a sea of other authors who didn’t make it through so somehow it doesn’t feel quite so personal.

As you can probably tell, I have a great deal of respect for this particular contest.

I have also chosen to partake, this year. I don’t expect to snag a mentor but I am hoping for maybe a little sliver of feedback. If any of my perspective mentors offered anything in way of advice (directly about my sub) then I’d consider it a win. And if not, well I’ve had a lot of fun participating.

So, to all Pitch Warriors out there, good luck! Can’t wait to see the entries.


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