Dear Ferguson …

You are not alone!


The eyes of the world are trained on you, watching every move those who have sworn to protect you, make. And we are aghast at the injustices forced upon your community, and we are crying out for a peaceful resolution.


I live in a tiny rural town in Yorkshire, in the UK. Not a big city, hardly even a dot on the map, and your struggle has been brought to light here. Imagine then, how many people all over the world are keeping tabs on what unfolds. Your anguish is not going unnoticed. 

I can’t begin to understand the decisions being made by your law enforcers, in truth, almost everything they have done up to now has baffled me. How they can expect to end this by such heavy handed tactics is dumbfounding, and yet they push on.


As more and more photos emerge of the war-like scenes you’re enduring each night, my outrage grows. And this is from an outsider, from someone who until last week had never heard of Ferguson. I can only imagine how you as a community are feeling.

Stay strong, but more importantly stay safe. You have succeeded in highlighting Michael Brown’s tradegy to a level which means it will not be brushed under the carpet, so please, don’t endanger your safety anymore. 

And to Michael’s family, my heart breaks for your unnecessary pain and suffering. I only hope that your comforted by the millions of people like me, who have been affected by your story.

R.I.P. Mike.



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